a cup of peace

Healthy Korean food, OrgANIC TEAS & healing tea

Gluten Free, Dairy Free,   And Vegan. NO M.S.G. ​ 
NO Artificial ingredients!



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"A cup of peace" 

A Cup of Peace is one of Boulder’s hidden treasures! A local, independent business, with a peaceful flair, complete with herbal healing teas and healthy food. The business concept for “A Cup of Peace” is to meet the community need for healthy teas and food using all fresh and natural ingredients based on Korean food traditions.  Using original recipes, our foods maximize energy and optimize wellness....



Monday ~ Friday : 10 am ~ 8 pm

Saturday              : 11 am ~ 7 pm

Sunday                :  11 am ~ 5 pm.

TO GO : T- 720.565.5994



Most RecenT

Fresh Daily cooked cabbage, zucchini, squash, organic carrots,and cucumbers over 5 grain mixed rice(no wheat, no gluten) is just $5.99!

Add: Organic beef, tofu, or natural chicken

Add sides : Organic fried egg, Kimchi, miso soup(vegeterian),

Shaved Ice "Ving"

Honey ginger shaved ice with shaved fruits!

Gluten Free Pecan Brownie  & Chocolate chip cookie

Enjoy our home made brownies.It's the best in town^^

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Use: Organci Beef, Organic Tofu,

                        and  Organic Egg.

Tamari non G.M.O. Gluten Free                                           soy Sauce.

Korean B.B.Q.Bowl

Korean Rice Noodle Bowl

Korean Rice salad "Bibib Bob" 

Korean soup "SUHN"

Special option: 

Rice Wrap!