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Who should take Kim's Organic Multigrain Energy Shake?

Who should take Kim’s Organic Multigrain Energy Shake?Busy adults who want to add a more balanced and nutritious meal in their daily life.Anyone with digestive problems, this energy shake is very easy to digest.Anyone who wants a quick, complete breakfast.Seniors, who want a wholesome, balanced, easy to digest and nutritious meal.Endurance athletes, hikers, bicyclists and in general any active adult after physical exercise to increase vitality and promote muscle recovery.Kim’s Multigrain Energy Shake can be taken by pregnant women and children.
Kim’s Organic Multigrain Energy Shake is a thousand year old recipe which combines 20 organic nutrients to restore your body with significant amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and protein.


What makes Kim’s Organic Multigrain Energy Shake so nutritious and delicious?

First, we start with only the finest, freshest and wholesome Organic ingredients. Though our blends come from hundreds of years old recipes, the energy mix is made locally at “a Cup of Peace” in Boulder. Our unique blend of energy mix brings in all ingredients from a local Colorado farm, Golden Organic Farm, including USDA certified organic grain.

It contains absolutely no soy or wheat, which is ideal for gluten free diets. Made of pure and simple ingredients, Kim’s Multigrain Energy Shake complements all active and healthy lifestyles for adults and growing families.

Each of our select group of ingredients offers a variety of health and nutrition benefits.