Kim’s Multigrain Energy Shake can be added to any of your favorite recipes such as a smoothie, salad dressing, muffin or even your protein shake!

Kim’s Multigrain Energy Shake is packed with essential nutrients and sweetened only with naturally-occurring banana sugars. The smooth flavor of nuts, fruit, and grains can be enjoyed by anyone; add some honey or agave to make it sweeter!

Follow the recipes below, or just simply add the energy mix to your baking, ice-cream or, you can even create your own recipe!



Try these delicious ways to have Kim’s Multigrain Energy Shake:


Mix 2 or 3 tsp of Kim’s Multigrain Energy Shake with Milk (Hot or Cold)

add Agave or honey

Shake it.








Mix 2 tsp of Kim’s Multigrain Energy Shake with 1 cup of Strawberries and 1 Banana

Add Agave or honey

Blend it.








For Vegan Shake, use Almond or Rice milk.









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