“I love Ki’s energy shake. Sometimes I have it for breakfast with some nuts. My favorite time to have it is as a snack in the middle of the afternoon. I enjoy having it warm with some olive oil and a little protein, nuts or some feta cheese. I eat it to replace any grain. It’s so fast to cook, tastes great and is so easy to digest.”

- Mary Anne Bachia,Diplomate of Chines herbs



“Kim’s Organic Multigrain Energy Shake was easy to prepare (I made it with regular milk and honey) and very tasty. I use it as a replacement to my evening snack; I like that I get a number of good nutrients in one glass per day.”

- S. Vohra, Colorado



“I really love Kim’s Organic Multigrain Energy Shake.  It has 20 Organic ingredients, is Gluten and Soy free and easy to digest and tastes Delicious ! Kim’s Shake is so quick and easy to make; I just add almond milk, a  little honey and shake for 15 seconds and it’s ready to drink”.

- Ken Biggs

“Kim’s energy shake has become a regular part of my diet. I am totally hooked! It tastes so good and is especially nice knowing that I am getting something so healthy and organic that nourishes me and keeps me feeling full for hours! Not to mention it soothes my normally irritable digestive track.”

-Velina Lujan, MA, CMT, Boulder CO