Our Boulder Store/Menu


100 Kinds of loose tea, Gluten free and Dairy free Korean food and Organic fresh coffee!

We use Organic Eggs,Tofu,Beef and natural chicken! We use commercial oven(not micro wave).

We use Tamari Gluten free soy sauce for our house sauces. We don’t add any artificial ingredients or flavor!

We never use M.S.G.!   Check our Korean rice salad “Bibim Bob”!   Regular size price is only $6.99!

A Cup of Peace is one of Boulder’s hidden treasures! A local, independent business, with a peaceful flair, complete with herbal healing teas and healthy food. The business concept for “A Cup of Peace” is to meet the community need for healthy teas and food using all fresh and natural ingredients based on Korean food traditions.  Using original recipes, our foods maximize energy and optimize wellness. For seven years, “A Cup of Tea” has served the Boulder community from its location on Arapahoe Avenue.

With a serene and inviting atmosphere, this place, upon entry infuses peace and joy in your day. Our customers come here to sit and relax, with a healing cup of tea in hand, or just to chit-chat over lunch! It’s your little get-away from the daily stress and pace. We also offer free parking and free wi-fi.

We are open Monday through Friday, 9-7:30 pm;       Saturdays, 11-7:30 pm;     and closed on Sundays.

Our Menu

Bibim Bob  $5.99

 A popular Korean dish, assorted seasonal vegetables over 7 grain rice

 Add organic beef or organic Tofu – $2.99, natural chicken – $2.50.

Add Organic fried egg – $1.50.



Rice Noodle Bowl   $6.99

Rice noodles and vegetables stir fried in a house B.B.Q.sauce.

Choice of Gluten free mild, Gluten free Spicy sauce, or Regular Spicy sauce.


 Korean B.B.Q. style – “Dup Bob”

Choice of organic tofu,natural chicken,or organic beef(add$0.99)

over 7 grain rice with vegetables and a special Korean B.B.Q. sauce.

Choice of  gluten free mild, gluten free spicy or regular spicy sauce.




Korean Spicy Stew


Choice of natural chicken,organic tofu, or organic Beef(add$0.99)

With carrots and potatoes,and side rice bowl.



    Korean soup” Suhn ” $5.99

    Choice of organic tofu($5.99), organic beef (add $1.99)or chicken(add$0.99)

with zucchini and special house sauce.

Choice of gluten free mild or gluten free Spicy.

Add Rice Bowl – $1.99 or Rice noodle – $1.99



The Zen Meal

Simple, elegant, and healthy wholesome meal. 7 grain rice bowl, miso soup with 5 small side dishes.

- 7 grain rice bowl, Miso soup, Vegetables, organic fried egg, organic Tofu, Toasted seaweed, Kimmchi-




Korean B.B.Q.Burrito


    Korean B.B.Q.Burrito

Choice of natural chicken, organic tofu, or organic beef(add$0.99)

Choice of  mild,  spicy, or very spicy.

with cabbage, cucumber, and cheese.

Substitute Rice Wrap – $1.25



SPECIAL OPTION : Cooked with Kimchi: , add(or substitute)Rice Noodle, Buckwheat Noodle(cold)


Side Dishes

7 grain rice bowl
Miso soup
Toasted seaweed
Fried egg

With Food Order Only  (not with side dish order)

Extra vegetables
Extra beef, chicken or tofu

Tea Menu

100 Varieties of Organic and fresh Teas from around the world!

Bulk Tea per OZ, Gift sets
Hot or Iced Personal Pot –  

50Green, White, Black, Herbal(Caffeine free), Oolong, Mate, Chai, Pu erh, Flower



Tea Latte/Matte Latte :
  • Matte Latte
  • Macha Latte
  • Coconut Black Latte
  • Maple Latte
  • Café Latte
  • Green Walnut Latte
  • PumpKimn spice latte
  • Rooibos Latte
  • Gingersnap Latte

Chai Latte

Regular Chai Sm.,Reg. or Lg.
Bhakti Chai Sm.,Reg. or Lg

Organic Multi Grain Energy Shake

Gluten free! Soy free! Vegan! Caffeine free! 20 essential nutrients for balanced energy. This energizing shake is a great option for breakfast or a pick-me-up anytime of the day.

Served Hot or Cold

w/Choice of Milk, Soy milk or Rice milk Sm.,Reg. or Lg

Chinese Herbal Healing Teas

Served Hot or Cold Sm.,Reg. or Lg
A cup of peace Helps restore energy and balance of your whole system.
Digestion Helps soothe digestion.
Stress & Insomnia Helps release stress and insomnia by opening the chest meridian channels.
Brain Power Helps boost brain functions such as memory and thinking process.
Common Cold: Helps heal the body from sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and congestion.

We sell Tea packages to brew in your own home!

Honey Fruit Tea

A natural remedy based on ancient Asian medicine. This sweet tea is made from fruit and is full of essential vitamins!

Served Hot or Cold Sm.,Reg. or Lg

Choice of  Ginger,  Apple, Quince, Aloe, Citron, Wolfberry, Pomegranate

Coffee & Espresso Bar

Also available in Decaf. Served Hot or Cold. Additional shots of espresso or flavored syrups are 50 cents each.

Americano Sm.,Reg. or Lg
Café Latte Sm.,Reg. or Lg
Café Mocha Sm.,Reg. or Lg
Cappuccino Reg. or Lg
White  Mocha Sm.,Reg. or Lg
Espresso Shot
Hot Chocolate Sm.,Reg. or Lg

Our Location

A Cup of Peace

3216 Arapahoe Ave # B
Boulder, CO 80303-1043
(720) 565-5994

Open : M-F, 9-6 pm ; Sat, 10-4 pm ; Sun, closed.