About Us

Headquartered in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, A Cup of Peace offers exactly what its name suggests – a cup of tea or shake that will take you away from the blistering pace of life and give you a moment of peace.

Sungmi Kim & Ki Kim, the founder and CEO of A Cup of Peace, whose name –Ki- means Energy, naturally devotes his life to finding various sources of energy throughout the world. Whether it is by teaching yoga and tai chi or crafting healing teas and delicious recipes for his children, he always makes sure to balance wellness and energy.

His organic Multigrain Energy Shake is a blend of ancient recipes from China, Japan and Korea. In fact, Taoist monks used to eat this concoction during times of rigorous mental and physical training.

Although times have changed since then, wellness and energy are just as important today. Keeping that in mind, Ki makes all these products out of local organic products. Everything sold at A Cup of Peace is natural, gluten-free, soy-free & vegan.

Kim’s Multigrain Energy Shake comes from the soil straight to your glass. Optimize your wellness with this organic shake.