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Sides and Small Dishes

Housemade Kimchi 1.5 (with meal 1)


Mixed Grain Rice Bowl 3


Dried Seaweed 2.5 (with meal 2)


Organic Fried Egg 2.5 (with meal 1.5)


Miso Soup 3 (with meal 2)


Side Salad – Small 3.5 Large 5.5


Veggie Dumplings – GF DF vegan

House made skinless dumplings made of tofu, clear noodles, and veggies. Cured with potato starch.

4ct 6  8ct 11  12ct 16

Main Dishes

Click on dish for more details. 

ALLERGENS: Most items include sesame seeds and oil.  Rice mix contains quinoa.  

GF – gluten free, DF – dairy-free.

Tofu and veggie options are vegan.  All entrees come in mild, medium, or spicy


Substitute milk options: Almond, Soy, Oat, Coconut

Healing Tea - Hot or Iced 4.5

Caffeine and sugar-free, our beautiful and comforting tea is made in-house from a combination of Chinese natural herbs and traditional Korean healing remedies.


Multigrain Latte – Hot or Iced 6

A Korean meal replacement shake made from twenty types of roasted grains and beans, ground into a fine powder and mixed with whole or 2% milk.

Substitute milk 0.5

Add espresso or banana 1


Honey Fruit Tea - Hot or Iced 5

This classic Korean tea is made from minced fruit preserved in honey. Ginger, citron, plum, or quince


Boba Milk Tea 6

Coffee, thai tea, chai, matcha, ginger, citron, plum, quince, organic strawberry, organic banana, or organic mango.


Korean Teas - Hot or Iced 4

Roasted rice green tea, roasted barley tea, or ginseng tea


Green, Black, or White Tea - Hot or Iced 3.5


Bhakti Chai Latte – Hot or Iced 5.5

With whole or 2% milk.

Substitute milk 0.5


Matcha Chai Latte – Hot or Iced 5.5

With whole or 2% milk.


Americano - Hot or Iced 3.5


Organic Lemonade 3.5

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